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Culture paper series
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product description:

Major brands and varieties:

Pik Wan days, cloud mirror, the clouded leopard, all wood pulp Shuangjiao Zhi; cloud lion, Yunhe "double gummed paper," Cedar "," pine "light paper; cold solid paper, green writing paper; book paper, cold solid paper, super sensitive paper

Weight range:


Main production subsidiary:

Zhanjiang chenming,Shouguang grohal factory,Shouguang thermal paper factory,Wuhan Chenming, Jiangxi Chenming, Jilin Chenming Shouguang, special paper factory

Main characteristics of products:

High whiteness, good stiffness, high strength, surface smooth, accurate, clear printing Taoban

Scope of application:

Suitable for printing books, textbooks, magazines, covers, illustrations, notebooks, papers, teaching material, etc.

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